Why Attend?

  • Explore new opportunities at companies around you whether you’re actively looking or just curious.
  • Learn what kinds of interesting technologies and challenges companies are really working on from someone at the company including engineers and managers.
  • Meet other quality developers in your city and build out your network.
  • Food and drinks are always provided!
  • See what others have to say on Quora!

FAQ for Developers

Q: What if my employer is there?

  • Don’t worry, we send out the list of companies attending prior to the event, our team also screens through each attendee to makes sure your employer isn’t attending.

Q: Do I have to be looking for a new job?

  • No, although the event revolves around recruiting, it’s a chance for passive job seekers to explore what’s out there and network with other developers.

Q:What do I bring?

  • Just bring yourself and an empty stomach. If you’re more serious, bringing hard copies of your resume and business cards may come in handy.

Q:Why was I invited?

  • To ensure quality, our events are invite only and you likely received an invite from our waitlist or you were invited someone on our developer relations team.

Q: Is there a dress code?

  • There’s no formal dress code – we try to keep these events as casual as possible so just come as you are.

Q: Will there be food?

  • Most of our events will be catered with pizza and beer with vegetarian options. However, this can vary be host so if you have dietary restrictions we recommend eating beforehand.

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